10 March 2024
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16 March 2024
Not Guide

We made a short guide about web3 as seen by crypto-natives. It is interactive and includes us sharing our understanding of crypto and handing out practical tasks.

Not Guide, Basics

The goal of Not Guide is to reduce the mass of problems and questions which the next millions of people coming into crypto will encounter.

✊ The first rule of Not guilde is to DYOR (do your own research). Don't trust guides, Influencers or wikipedia. Or even us. Most projects and popular people follow their own goals, which often differ from yours. That's why it's important to form your own understanding of web3 and fill it with experience of interacting with blockchain and crypto projects.

The training will take place in several stages. We will start with the basics and delve into specific cases of working with crypto.

On this channel we will share:
⁃ Updates on new training stages
⁃ Useful resources and links
⁃ The possibilities of Not Guide going forward

β€” Notcoin and friends
The first phase of Not Guide is already up and running πŸŽ‰

More on how does crypto work here:

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The Daily Ton:

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30 March 2024
Not Guide
Not Guide: Stage 2

NFT. We decided we couldn't put off telling you about monkey paintings that could be worth millions.

What is NFT, how not to fall prey to scammers on your first purchase and what do gated communities have to do with it.

πŸ‘€ Explore Not Guide #2 about NFT

πŸ“• Not Guide #1
3 April 2024
Not Guide

– First of all, you need a place to store your money.
Just like in our everyday life it is called a wallet.

There are two types of wallets.

1. Non-custodial. The one that you have full control over. Only you have the private key to that wallet. E.g. Tonkeper, Metamask etc.

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